Keep Your Abode Safe & Make Your Gated Complex Smart

Welcome your visitors with modern sign-in and facilitate operational management coupled with smart security measures.

Keep Your Abode Safe & Make Your Gated Complex Smart

Some Exciting Features

Re-define Security

Track who’s inside, why, where, and when. Secure your Property, Data, and People by redefining your front desk.

Compliance Management

Keeping up with the compliances demands serious time & focus. iKnock takes away all the stress and does the job swiftly.

Create Impression

Look impressive with custom branding and features that assist your guests with shortcuts and comfy ways to reach you.

Improve Efficiency

Add more to the look and working of your front desk while automating & enhancing the efficacy level to a whole new degree.

Optimize Processes

Ensure your staff remains organized, assets & operations are handled smoothly, and complaints are addressed & fixed at the quickest.

Simplify Administration

Track each & every movement of visitors, manage transparent communication and last but not the least, enable compliance.


iKnock enables precise and target reporting with the help of various in-built filters while empowering users with real-time trends through a robust dashboard.

Real-time Dashboard with Advanced Analytics

Incident Response Monitoring

Automated Staff, Visitor or Anomaly Reports

Enhanced Emergency Preparedness and Response

iKnock promises to bridge the gap between you and needed aid, safeguard life, help you rescue your people and property while assist you manage every emergency situation.

All-round Healthcare Assistance: Be it weekday, weekend, day or night, report it to the authorities to get help in case of medical emergencies.

Settle Down Fire/Smoke Breakouts: These situations can make anyone go panic. Thankfully, iKnock allows you to get emergency help on the spot.

Tap the Emergency Alert & It’s done: Certain situations are inevitable. Deal with unpleasant incidents through iKnock’s helping hand.

It’s all About Convenience

Yes, it’s time to be at your smartest best and keep your daily hassles checked. iKnock manages all for you and lets you concentrate better on your aims and live delightful moments with family.

Daily Staff Management: Keep track of when your staff checks-in and when it checks-out.

Delivery Management: Be it any delivery, let it reach you in the safest and easiest way possible.

Compliant / Feedback Centre: Report an issue, convey your need for some changes or share your feedback.