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Challenge of Handling Business Assets Got Easy, Quick & Instant.

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Simplify Facility Management Simplify Facility Management Simplify Facility Management

Let Things Happen In An Organized Way

Daily Staff Management

When your staff checks-in and when it checks-out? Is everyone regular or someone takes frequent leaves? Keep everything in your knowledge.

Delivery Management

Be it any delivery, let it reach you in the safest and easiest way possible. Even when you are away, notify your front desk and let it pick the delivery on your behalf.

Complaint Centre

No matter there’s some electricity fault or elevator isn’t operating; no matter there are hygiene issues or anything else, report a complaint & get timely solutions.

Stop Any Disaster From Making Its Way

All-round Medical Assistance

Be it a weekday, weekend, day or night, whenever there is a medical emergency, admin panel of iKnock provides the required support.

Emergency Preparedness and Recovery

Emergencies like fire, thunderstorms or earthquakes cause adverse damage if not handled properly. Thankfully, this app allows you to get emergency help on the spot.

Vehicle Management

Record and manage a repository of every vehicle that enters and goes out of your premises. Each & every detail of the vehicle is captured, which includes total duration it spent inside the premises.

Speak Your Heart Out In Suggestion Box

Whenever you feel there’s a need for some changes and any feature needs to be upgraded, or you want to share a feedback, convey it to the authorities in the suggestion box.