Tech-enabled Security & Emergency Management

Digitally transforming your educational institution to enhance security, reduce inefficiency and save time.

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Tech-enabled Security & Emergency Management

Some Exciting Features

Transform the sign-in procedure while employing the real-time reports & analysis to monitor trends
and take a proactive approach to emergency management.

Re-define Security

Track who’s inside, why, where, and when. Secure your Property, Data, and People by redefining your front desk.

Compliance Management

Keeping up with the compliances demands serious time & focus. iKnock takes away all the stress and does the job swiftly.

Create Impression

Look impressive with custom branding and features that assist your guests with shortcuts and comfy ways to reach you.

Improve Efficiency

Add more to the look and working of your front desk while automating & enhancing the efficacy level to a whole new degree.

Optimize Processes

Ensure your staff remains organized, assets & operations are handled smoothly, and complaints are addressed & fixed at the quickest.

Simplify Administration

Track each & every movement of visitors, manage transparent communication and last but not the least, enable compliance.

Designed for Student Safety

What’s the first step to protect your students? Knowing who’s inside the campus. And with iKnock, you’ll always know who’s coming, where they’re heading to, and why.

Realtime Analytics

Emergency Desk Dashboard

Smart and Intelligent

A new and impressive way to check-in guests at your next event, PTM or workshop while completing full visitor identification.

Impressive Visitor Experience

Streamline Sign-in Process


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