Customer Support

First things first, to access iKnock you must have iOS or Android tablet. Moving on to other essential, web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 10 and later or Safari is also required.

Yes, you can. If your tablet operates at the same address, feel free to use multiple tablets of the same account configuration. Tablets used by your visitors has check-in as well as check-out and will show up on the Visit Log. If you have named all the Tablets, name of the Tab will also be displayed while notifying in order to help the contacts meet the guests at the right location.

Labeling a tablet requires going on the home screen and touching its top middle for few seconds. Account menu will pop up. Now press Device settings and you will be asked for your password. Upon entering the password and confirming it, you will be redirected to  new screen to enter a new Device Name. Upon filing it, save it by tapping < and get back to the settings screen.

If you want to evacuate the building, pull the Visitor Log by touching and holding the top middle of the welcome screen. Account menu will pop up, select Evacuation list. This way, you can see all the visitors who are in your office, currently.

When you will confirm the safety of each of them, check them in once more for evacuation security.

No, it won’t. Iknock will never contact your contacts unless it is required for customer support issues. Periodic emails are sent to the main account email address to inform your team regarding any updates or status details that may affect your account in any way. If you wish to be removed from the mailing list, unsubscribe any time.

Pricing & Support

Whether you want to be billed every single month or annually is up to you. These plans are on the basis of employee strength that’s in your account and is there for visitors to select and for us to notify during check in. Once you choose the plan you want to go for, SMS notifications will be enabled in your account and you will have a certain time period to continue using the service before our billing partner charges your card. If you feel unsatisfied during this fixed time period, feel free to cancel and nothing will be charged.

If you want invoice for the service, we will do that too. All you need to do it is inform us about it.

If a visitor has signed in with Iknock at your place before, they will be recognized by the kiosk on the basis of their full name. Not only their fields will be filled automatically but Iknock will also check to confirm whether have signed legal documents.

As far as sign in is concerned, visitors will tap the ‘Tap to sign in’ button to sign in via the standard flow. Upon seeing their full name, other fields will be filled automatically.

Technical Support

You can remove a single visitor by using the Actions given on the right side to delete a visit record.

The way you choose! We can notify through SMS, email as well as Slack message. Apart from this, you can prioritize every message. Not just this but you can also set up back up notifications for situations when the contact is busy in a meeting or is away or unavailable to respond.

You can either add contacts one by one or upload a CSV file for all of them. Go in the Employee Contacts tab of the dashboard. If you want to add one by one, click on Adds in the top right. But if adding together, upload a CSV file by clicking on Import CSV on the top right of the contacts page. Format can be referred to by selecting Example CSV file. An email with results of file upload an indication of errors will be sent to your account login email.

In case there are multiple locations using individual configuration, you got to add a Locations column to specify the location every contact should be assigned to. If single contact is required in multiple locations, copy the contact, one for every location with proper location identifier. Global configuration will be added automatically to All Locations.

If there’s an internal database, you can depend on our API to import your contacts from the database.

That’s easy. On the left side, navigate to Visit Log. If any pictures, visitors or NDA signatures are enabled, you an see them either manually or can even filter or download them.