Irresistible Impression on Visitors

Irresistible Impression on Visitors
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Simplify Things for Your Guests

iKnock loves you and your people equally. It does everything possible to develop a level of understanding and concern between you two.

Guide the Visitors

Share directions, shortcuts and tips with your guests to make their travel easy & timely.

Friendly Sign in

Guests can easily and quickly put their details without feeling confused or annoyed.

Reduce Waiting Period

You will be notified the moment your guests reach, which of course, saves them from waiting for long.

Because First Impression is the Last Impression

Not just your home and office but your visitor management must be elegant too, when it comes to look appealling on the very first visit.

Promote Your Brand

Visitor badges as well as Entrance kiosk, add your company’s logo on them and occupy a space in the minds of visitors without making it obvious.

Go the Technological Way

Everyone is a fan of technology and wants to maintain a bond with it wherever they go. Thankfully, iKnock fulfills this desire of your visitors.

Amaze Everyone with Advanced Move

Scribbling details in a register or paper book is tedious task. iKnock assists you welcome guests in a truly professional and revolutionized way.

Don’t Let Visitors Queue Happen

You surely don’t want to see a long line of visitors at your reception or outside your cabin. Prepare in advance to stop this headache from bothering you.

Sigh of Relief for Security Personnel

No clutter of pen and paper and no stress of going back to days, weeks or months old entries enable the security team to focus better on their responsibilities.

Remember Returning Visitors

iKnock keeps a record of all returning guests & extracts information leading to faster sign-in.

Custom Visitor Badges

Print badges with name, photo, etc. to easily identify who’s in the building and why.

Host Notification

Host automatically receives notification on visitor’s arrival via email, SMS or app notification.

Visitor Feedback

Collect feedback from visitors during check-out or send feedback link to them via email.